June 2015

It can be a little chilly in Melbourne but indoors doesn’t have to be. Have a look at this fabulous terrarium by my gardening friend Garth. All insect loving plants, so no good for my 2 frogs but looks great on the table.

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

all insect loving plants

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

rhubarb ready to be harvested and made into crumble

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

beautiful Oak leaf hydrangea, Hydrangea Quercifolia

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

these add a splash of colour, Calendula officinalis

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

Although many don’t like this plant, Nandina domestic nana has red leaves for many months

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

Magnolia grandifolia ‘Little Gem’ in bud. Great glossy green leaves

Heather Hesterman, Lushplot

these sweet violets, Viola reichenbachiana, have lovely perfume and colour

Heather Hesterman

love the green foliage with the bulbs all popping up


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