design process


This usually starts with a meeting & discussion with the client identifying what sort of an outdoor area they would like. In the course of the meeting and/or by email with the client, we discuss and establish the scope of the project.  Information is collected,  photographs may be taken of the site, and a client brief is formed taking into account function, restrictions, aesthetic intentions and other considerations. Once all this information is collated, a brief is established with a copy  given to the client. A contract is then written and signed by both the client and landscape designer outlining the terms and conditions of the services to be rendered. A Garden consultation is also available, charged out at an hourly rate.


ideas > designing > distill > refine > resolve

At this stage of the process a design may be created integrating the elements identified in the client’s brief. This usually indicates where the utilities might be located, hard landscaping and key trees, strappy plants, shrubs etc. creating a sense of the broad brushstrokes of the design. For a more comprehensive design, the client might want exact plant species and so a Planting Plan & Schedule is generated with specific options for hard landscaping,  specifications and other options.

The Plan is then presented and discussed with the client. Any refinement or additions are then taken into account at this stage. More detailed plans may also be required.

4.documentation may include the following:

brief / contract / concept drawings / plans / specifications / regulations/permits / photography

A list of Landscape Contractors is available for the client to consider engaging. It may be beneficial to retain the Landscape Designer for Construction Phase Services for the duration of the project as they are the person most familiar with the design.