LUSHPLOT provides sensitive design solutions for both the domestic and public realm.

Our aim is to create innovative designs that use locally sourced products and materials, where practicable, combining plants that are suitable for the site and location.

Our gardens are a fusion of Australian natives and exotics, where the plants have both aesthetic and functional values.

New environments can heighten the senses, whilst giving an opportunity to reflect, evaluate and question how we live. How does the built landscape, both private and public, affect a person’s sense of self and wellbeing? What makes a personal environment and what do we need to feel nurtured?

Landscape designer, Heather Hesterman, has a background in Fine Art, and also Design (Landscape), and utilizes colour, space and form as essential design elements to underpin every project.

Heather has lived in a few different locations, including on a farm near Mt. Cotterell, suburban Perth, inner-city Melbourne, and country NSW. This has given her an opportunity to create site-specific environments, whilst accommodating the challenges that each location presents.